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Fertility After 40? Don’t Count On It.

Age can be a touchy subject for many women. This is particularly true when talking about age and fertility. However, I always feel it’s best to give my OBGYN patients in Queens and Long Island straightforward, honest information about their health. Women everywhere should be aware that their fertility declines with age. Egg Quality Deteriorates With Age Your age affects …

5 Myths About Birth Control that are Just Wrong

5 Myths About Birth Control That Are Just Wrong

At The Woman’s Health Pavilion, our OB-GYN specialists in Nassau and Queens County frequently help women find the right birth control method for them. Yet despite wanting to avoid unintentional pregnancy, many women are hesitant or afraid to start birth control because of rumors they’ve heard. Whether from friends or from the internet, there’s plenty of misinformation floating around about the …

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Top 8 Reasons to Talk to Your OB-GYN About Family Planning

Deciding if, when, or how you’re going to start a family is a big deal – and a visit to your OB-GYN can be a valuable resource. In Queens and Nassau, our team at The Woman’s Health Pavilion specializes in helping women understand their options for family planning. We will provide insightful education and support to get you started on …