Office Policies

At The Woman’s Health Pavilion, we keep our office running smoothly by observing the following policies:


Patients are seen by appointment only. We will always accommodate your requests for urgent appointments, but you must call in advance; no walk-ins, please. Please indicate your specific purpose, problem, or symptom when scheduling your appointment, so that we can make appropriate time for your visit. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please be courteous and call to reschedule–your appointment time could be helpful to another patient in need.

Contacting Us

We will strive to answer all your questions during your regularly scheduled visits, so please limit your phone calls to the office to urgent matters. We are always available for medical emergencies–even after hours and on weekends. But please keep in mind that doctors have personal lives too, and use your discretion before having the on-call physician paged.

Contacting You

Please inform us if your address or telephone number has changed, so that we can reach you if necessary. We contact all patients with abnormal results. All others are able to obtain their results through the patient portal.  Keep in mind that we may use any number you give us to leave you a message about your results. Under HIPAA, you may direct us not to share personal health information over the phone.

Payment Policies

Payments, including copays, are due at the time of service. Due to an excessive number of checks returned, we regret that we can no longer accept personal checks for balances under $25; we require cash or certified checks only. We participate in all major insurance plans, but your insurance does not guarantee payment; you will be responsible for unmet deductibles, co-insurances, and charges denied by your insurance company.


You must inform us if your insurance company requires specimens to be sent to a particular lab. If you have questions or concerns regarding a bill from the laboratory, call the lab directly; we cannot assume responsibility for charges billed by the laboratory.

Disability Forms

There is a $5 charge for filling out medical forms not essential to your care. We will complete your forms within 7 days of receipt, but we cannot interrupt our office hours to complete your forms. Please do not ask us to falsify or misrepresent your condition; this is not only unethical but also illegal.

We value you as a patient. Please respect our policies.

May We Help You?

Would you like to find out more about our treatments and services? Are you looking for a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment recommendation you received at another practice? The experienced team at The Woman’s Health Pavilion is happy to help. Just let us know how and when you would like to hear from us.

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