Childbirth Class

If you’re like most women, the idea of going through labor and squeezing a baby out of your private parts is pretty scary, especially if you’re a first-time mother. That’s completely normal.

At The Woman’s Health Pavilion, our childbirth class is designed to take the fear out of childbirth for our Long Island, NY, OB patients. Together with your labor support person, we will guide you through the third trimester, labor, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Techniques for coping and offering support are specifically emphasized.

What You’ll Learn

Topics discussed include:

  • Normal bodily changes in the third trimester
  • “Kick counting” to make sure your baby is healthy
  • Preterm labor warning signs and symptoms
  • How to know when you’re in labor
  • The stages and normal course of labor, from early labor to delivery
  • Induction of labor and cesarean section: How and why?
  • What to bring to the hospital
  • Hospital check-in: Where to go, who will be covering, necessary hospital forms
  • Finding the right pediatrician and who will be the covering pediatrician in the hospital
  • Signs and symptoms of postpartum depression
  • Newborn vaccinations, carseat safety, diapering, swaddling, and basics of newborn care

We will show videos of a normal vaginal delivery and a cesarean section.

When Are the Classes?

Classes are offered on Saturday or Sunday mornings and typically last about 3 hours. Since there is a lot of material to cover, we ask all registrants to arrive a few minutes early to get situated.

Who Can Attend?

Since space is limited, we ask each participant to bring only ONE other person. This should be the person that will be providing you with the most support during labor such as your husband or partner. If your support person is not available for the class, it’s perfectly acceptable to attend the class alone.

How Should I Prepare?

  • Please wear comfortable clothing.
  • It is not required, but you may bring an exercise ball and/or a yoga mat, if you desire. One will be provided during the class so that you and your support person can practice labor support and coping techniques.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a pen and paper, since you’ll probably have some questions. We allow for plenty of time at the end of the class for questions.
  • Light refreshments will be served, but please feel free to bring healthy snacks.

How Can I Sign Up?

To reserve a spot in our childbirth class, contact our Obstetric Coordinator Jamie Razumov in the office at 516.218.6939, or send your inquiry to

About our childbirth instructor:

Courtney Bucaria-Haggerty, AGNP-C has spent more than a decade attending to women during childbirth, first as a labor and delivery nurse at LIJ and later as a nurse-manager on the unit. After earning a master’s degree as an Adult Health Nurse Practitioner, she joined The Woman’s Health Pavilion in 2016. Courtney is caring, knowledgeable and energetic, and deeply committed to her patients.